Sometimes it is about the technology and sometimes it is about the way we use the technology. 

The reality is that this organization has all the ability to develop anything they want. 

However, talking to one another as they develop interactive tools is not as easy as it sounds.  A quick intervention was set in place.

Results — Remain To Be Seen
The Study, done within ten days was profound. The methodology identified a well run teleweb center with high level ability, talent and commitment both from worker and management. 

However, the customer for the study is a true activist involved in developing critical tools for upgrading the on line environment for customers, partners and the worker. As an activist, this person also takes risks to identify where improvement may be necessary. 

The study demonstrated several “key areas” and our customer is “awaiting a response”.  We all know what that means in big environments. That statement is not intended to be cynical. 

It is an example of the reality that many of us face as we confront issues that seem obvious, but not easy to address in complicated organization structures.

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