The “distance between the field and HQs” was a real issue. It was not anyone’s intention however, the quick answers were not helping.

When called to create a “communication campaign”, Rasa refused, asking the client and their communication agency to think differently. 

In a time of “no see” docs and where studies show that District Managers spend over fifty percent of their work week on non revenue producing admin work, there is more to the story.

A deeper communication strategy was developed For the Field and From the Field.

A series of innovative communication activities were developed to put Sale Reps, District Managers, Region Managers and Senior Managers visibly and audibly in touch with one another across the country for the first time. Valuable data that the company never had before built a level of understanding, trust and visible accountability.

These different formats created a dialogue that revealed common solutions in an environment previously conditioned for “internal competition”. 

That kind of “silo behavior” worked in the old days, but not in this critical knowledge based enterprise.  Sales and planning improvements were results of more data, more information sharing and the docs (the real customers), started feeling better attended to.

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